Premium Car Cover


Premium Soft Car Cover by Prestige Auto Storage Group.


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PROTECT- Protects your vehicle from scratches, dust, dirt, animal paws and insects, thanks to the soft inside, functional, safe, quick and easy to install over a long period of time.

BREATHABLE –Allows trapped heat and moisture beneath the cover to be released. The optimal car cover can be used for valuable cars, vintage cars or even your everyday car. The long-term coverage for your vehicle preserves the value of paintwork.

SOFT –Smooth and shiny on the outside, soft fleece on the inside. As pictures, this cover brings out your car contours perfectly while doing its job.

PREMIUM QUALITY- The indoor stretch offers a long service life, both professional and private use. It is ideal for long-term protection when storing or wintering your vehicle.

If you have questions regarding car cover sizing, please contact us here. NOTE: All car covers come branded with Prestige Auto Storage group logo.

*Please add 20-25% to each size/measurement to allow for stretch and tight fit.*

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